June/July 2008                                                                            The Official T.S.P.S. Chapter 5 Newsletter

Hot Off the Press….

The Bois d’Arc Post is the Official Chapter 5 Newsletter. It is intended for Chapter 5 members and supporters to share ideas and information of interest. If you have any sort of information that would be of interest or beneficial to our members, please forward it so that we can include it in an upcoming edition. Contact Chapter 5 President Robert Schneeberg (972-516-8855) or Chris Freeman (972-226-8181) to discuss your Newsletter contribution. The Newsletter is maintained by Enterprise Operations, with maintenance funding provided by Lone Star Record & Abstract Services, Inc.

Thought for the Day….

“The statistics on sanity are that one in every four Americans is suffering some form of mental illness. Think of your three best friends. If they’re okay, it must be you.”
-Rita Mae Brown

No Place like Texas…..

After cow punching for nigh on fifty years, a Texas cowboy went on to his reward. There was considerable excitement in heaven when he reached the pearly gates. The arrival of a real Texan cowboy was considered something of an event in heaven. Saint Peter himself came right over and insisted on giving the cowpoke a tour.

 Things were right friendly-like until the cowboy spotted half-a-dozen cowpokes staked out like broncos.
"Why are all those men staked out?" he asked Saint Peter.
Saint Peter replied: "Those are cowboys from the Panhandle. Every time we let them loose, they try to go back to Texas!"

Friendly Texas Advice…..

If you hear a person from a rural area (i.e., the 903 area code) exclaim, “Hey, y’all, watch this!”…. stay out of his way….these are likely the last words he will ever say.

  In the Crosshairs...

Fall survey classes begin in mid August, so start planning now. The Chapter has raised nearly $5000 for scholarship purposes this year, and the Executive Committee would like to spend as much as possible with Chapter 5 members. One idea is to provide the course textbook to any student who takes one of the 3 courses to be offered at North Lake College this Fall (SRVY 1301 Introduction to Surveying, SRVY 1309 Surveying Measurements, SRVY 1315 Survey Calculations). All courses are 3 hour college credit courses, and recognized by the TBPLS. Since 2 of the classes use the same book, this is a double help for students, as the course textbooks can cost anywhere from $65-100. John Pierce (214/631-7888) has info for those with questions on the courses to be offered and the available textbook funds. Get your up and coming office and field staff ready now! Also, there are scholarship monies available through TSFI…access the link through the state TSPS website and complete the application. A little time spent could be worth the effort.

Spotlight on…SKILLS USA Duncanville H.S. Survey Program

School is out for the summer, but let’s try to not forget about this growing survey program in our backyard. The students will return in August anxious to move forward to learn more survey skills and increase their awareness of the future opportunities that may lie ahead. The professionals and firms of Chapter 5 need to actively support and nurture this program….there are so many ways how you can be part of the solution.

Try to be part of the solution by offering your time and knowledge to these very motivated students at Duncanville High School. To find out how you and/or your firm can assist in these efforts, contact John Pierce (jpierce@saminc.biz) or Bill Coleman (wcoleman@colemansurveying.com).

In the Rearview Mirror…


 June 10th meeting had 35 in attendance to hear the presentation by John Clark on new developments in the Field to Office Data Transfer arena. John rearranged his presentation after our scheduled speaker was not able to fulfill their commitment. Arborist Dennis Wade, a first time meeting attendee, won 2 tix to a Rough Rider game (donated by Lennie Lueker/Winkelmann & Associates), and Jason Jernigan won two vouchers for Texas Rangers tickets (donated by Lone Star Record & Abstract). Our SURPAC raffle raised $98.

 The High School Surveying & Mapping Camp was held June 8-11 at Tyler Junior College. Pacheco Koch Consulting Engineers sponsored the Sunday night Bowling and Miniature Golf Night. The Camp hosted 17 high school students (3 girls, 14 guys) including 2 sophomores to be from Garland High School. It was overheard that the student group was the best one yet, and that they all were active and enthusiastic participants during the Sunday – Thursday event.

 The 2nd Annual High School Educator’s Retreat was held June 11-13 at Tyler Junior College. 30 high school and middle school teachers attended this year’s Retreat to learn about Surveying and how to incorporate surveying into their math classes and problems. Attendees were welcomed on Wednesday night with a Fish Fry by the fine folks of Chapter 23 (Bill Wright, Randy Grubbs, Johnny Ingram, and Danny Smith), followed by welcoming remarks by TSPS President Coleen Johnson. Several employees of Stanger Surveying (Joey Stanger, Preston Maxfield, Mike Russell, Shane Nealy, et al) assisted throughout the week. Teachers got hands-on instruction on setting up instruments, turning angles, running a bench loop, performing calculations, learning about GPS, and participating in a geocaching event. Darrell Shine and Nedra Foster presented a historical perspective of surveying for the teachers, which was very well received. The SKILLS USA students from Duncanville H.S. spoke to the teachers about their experience since the inception of their survey program a year ago. This event will greatly increase our access to educators across the State, and their awareness of and partnership with the Surveying profession. Chapter 5 showed its support by donating $1000.00 to help cover costs. Midwest Surveyors provided funds for 5 handheld GPS units, which were provided to all the teachers.

Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying held its quarterly meeting in Austin on June 9th. One item of interest was the adoption of proposed change to Rule 663.17(b) regarding electronic copies of written descriptions. The new part, 663.17 (b) (3) now reads: (c) In addition, the surveyor may furnish an electronic copy of a written description provided that the text is verbatim to that on the certified document retained in the surveyors file.

 Trig*Star results are in…..Ryan Dewey of Jasper High School (Plano) with teacher Jayne Fischer was our local winner and he missed Second Place at the state competition by 3 seconds. Each was awarded $500.00 for their efforts.
Vladimir Jovanovic of Flower Mound High School with teacher Mary Walker was our second place winner. Each was awarded $250.00 for their efforts.


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