December 2008                                                                                                                The Official T.S.P.S. Chapter 5 Newsletter     

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Hot Off the Press….

The Bois d’Arc Post is the Official Chapter 5 Newsletter. This is your publication. It can never be any better than the flow of news you contribute. It is intended for Chapter 5 members and supporters to share ideas and information of interest, but it is also available to the general public. If you have any sort of information that would be of interest or beneficial to our members, please forward it so that we can include it in an upcoming edition. Contact Chapter 5 President Robert Cummings (214-478-6003) or Chris Freeman (972-226-8181) to discuss your Newsletter contribution. The Newsletter is maintained by Enterprise Operations, with maintenance funding provided by Lone Star Record & Abstract Services, Inc.

Thoughts for the Day….

“The roots of achievement live in the will to become the best you can become.”
                                                                                                                  ---  Harold Taylor

Holiday Greetings!
Take time to enjoy the Holidays with friends and family. 2008 has been an extraordinary year. A new President will hopefully lead the country through the trying economic times that are upon us. The New Year brings hope. Make it your resolution to be part of the Solution. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to All!


Message from TSPS President Michael G. Parker

Dear TSPS Members –
I am pleased to begin my tenure as President of the Texas Society of Professional Surveyors. A professional association is only as strong as its active membership, and I’ll count on you in the coming months to help me and the TSPS Board of Directors advance the interests of land surveying at both the State Capitol and throughout Texas and beyond.

Your membership in TSPS is critical in ’09 as we prepare for what awaits us during the upcoming Texas Legislative Session. While advancing our own slate of pro-land surveying legislation, we must always be on guard against political actions taken against the interests of the land surveyor and the public. When we’ve needed instant and mass phone calls and faxes to the State Capitol from the TSPS membership, the response has been overwhelming … and very effective. Committee votes have turned our way as a direct result of the public input legislators received from TSPS members at their capitol and district offices.

 Please be a part of this vital membership activity. Renew your TSPS membership for 2009 by visiting, or send in your dues renewal payment with the notice you received recently. Don’t hesitate to contact the TSPS office at 512-327-7871 or via email at if you need your Membership # or other information to complete the renewal process.

Legislative action is only one of many items on the agenda for the New Year. Stay informed about new programs, goals and development by renewing today. During this holiday season we can all be grateful that TSPS is ever vigilant on our behalf. Thank you for your continuing support of TSPS, and I look forward to your input and participation in TSPS in the coming year.


Michael G. Parker, RPLS #4527 President – Texas Society of Professional Surveyors

Ten Questions with Raul Wong, Jr., P.E. RPLS, …..

This month’s guest is Raul Wong Jr., the 2nd Vice President for Chapter 5. Raul is a Senior Vice President for Albert H. Halff & Associates, Inc.

1. How long have you been involved in the land surveying profession? What prompted you being involved in Land Surveying?

I started surveying in High School. My next door neighbor was a Land Surveyor and he hired me during the summers to help him with his jobs. Being exposed to different surveying jobs and being outside in the field prompted me to pursue a career in surveying and civil engineering.

2. You are also a Professional Engineer. How does dual licensure affect the way you look at both a survey project and an engineering project?

I think that being a dual license has helped me understand the difference and limits between the two professions.

3. You spent time as the Chairman of the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying. How were you selected for that position, and how did your term with the Board affect your view about the survey profession?

I really don’t know who sent my name to the Governor’s Appointment Office when Chairman Jim Johnson’s term expired. I just assumed that it was a mutual consensus among the Board Members at that time to lead the Board.
During my tenure on the Board, and as a Chairman, I reviewed many complaints that did not have merit, and many that did. For the ones that had merit, it made me realize that it was very important to have continuing education, addressing items such as contracts, delivery dates, ethics, boundary construction, research, and communication.

4. What is the greatest challenge that our profession faces as we go forward?

I believe that our profession’s image has changed for the best in the last few years. As we go forward like you said, we all need to continue to educate the public, until the public understands what role our profession has in Society.

5. Do you feel the college degree requirement for exam candidates should be loosened? Why, or why not?

In my opinion it is very important to have a college degree. This degree will expose you to important things a professional faces in his or her career. The profession is progressing and you need to be proficient with all the new technology that becomes available to us almost every day.

6. Does your firm encourage its surveying professionals and paraprofessionals to join and participate in professional organizations? If so, what are the benefits?

Our firm encourages and supports staff education. Our Career Center Training consists of weekly Thursday Seminars during lunch hours. Seminars cover Professional, Technical, Field Operations, Marketing, IT, and Administrative. Lunch is provided by the Company. In addition to the Career Center Training, Halff Tuition Assistance Program pays up to $ 5,250 per year per student at a rate of $ 350 per semester hour for undergraduate courses, and up to $ 450 per semester hour for graduate courses. Halff also employs summer interns from Texas universities, as well as from many other universities from across the United States.

7. How do you view the standing of TSPS at the state level? Where is Chapter 5…going forward, stagnant, or regressing?

Chapter 5 is a very energetic, progressive and active Chapter. I see a positive attitude from all members. Willing to roll up their sleeves and work together toward a mutual goal.

8. What is the single greatest challenge for our state organization? Are there similar issues with TSPE that we can learn from?

For many years Engineers and Surveyors have been selected for Federal, State, and Municipal projects based on their qualifications, known as the Brook’s Act. It seems to me, that we are losing this battle. Surveyors and Engineers should continue to Lobby for the continued use of this selection process. This is my personal opinion.

9. Since your involvement in the survey profession, what, in your opinion, is the biggest accomplishment you have witnessed?

In my opinion, it is the hard work and volunteer hours spent by many of our fellow Surveyors to promote surveying at all levels of education. The tools, software and IT resources available to Surveyors make the surveying profession interesting and challenging.

10. There are rumors of additional CEU’s being required for RPLS’s. Do you feel that we need additional CEU’s? Specifically, a required Ethics course has been mentioned.

It is good to have these rumors, and I hope that TSPS is Lobbying to change the Surveying Act to require more than 8 hours of CEU’s. I also understand that this could prove to be a monetary and production burden to some companies. I would like to see mandatory courses, or hours in Ethics, rules, and Communications.

North Lake College Survey Classes…New Offerings for Spring 2009

Listed below are the courses to be offered at the West Campus (DFW ED Center) in the Spring Semester 2009.  Please encourage your paraprofessional staff to consider one of these college credit courses, which qualify for the TBPLS requirement of 32 survey related college credit hours.  Chapter 5 is again offering to pay for the textbook and calculator for any student working for a TSPS member of either Chapter 5 or Chapter 2 for courses SRVY 1301 and SRVY 1309 (application required).  Contact John Pierce (214-631-7888) for details.

SRVY 1301 Introduction to Surveying (2 hr. lecture, 3 hr. lab, 3 credit hours)An overview of the surveying profession. The history of surveying and its impact on the world. Review of the mathematics used in surveying. Introduction to basic surveying equipment with emphasis on measurements. Instruction on surveying procedures and the limitation of errors. Calculation to determine precision and error of closure. Prerequisite: SRVY 1315 or must be taken at same time.

SRVY 1309 Surveying Measurements (2 hr. lecture, 3 hr. lab, 3 credit hours)An introductory course covering the equipment and hardware of the profession necessary to measure horizontal and vertical distances, in accordance with prevailing and applicable professional standards, e.g. standards of the National Geodetic Survey, state and local statues and regulations, professional standards, such as the Texas Society of Professional Surveyors.  Prerequisite: SRVY 1301 and SRVY 1315

SRVY 1315 Surveying Calculations (3 hr. lecture, 3 credit hours)An induction to the mathematics used in surveying and mapping, including algebra, plane trigonometry and plane, solid, and analytical geometry. Prerequisite: None

SRVY 1335 Land Surveying Applications (2 hr. lecture, 3 hr. lab, 3 credit hours)A lab course covering the equipment, techniques and hardware of the profession necessary to measure horizontal and vertical angles and distances used in traversing, according to prevailing and applicable standards. Prerequisite: SRVY 1309

SRVY 2331 Geodetic Surveying and Mapping (2 hr. lecture, 3 hr. lab, 3 credit hours)A study of field astronomy, Polaris and solar observations, State Plane Coordinate Systems, and Global Positioning System. Prerequisite: SRVY 1301 and SRVY 1315

In the Rearview Mirror…

---Great turnout at the November 18th Chapter meeting.  70+ attendees met at The Cantina Laredo Restaurant on Lovers Lane to hear State Senator John Carona speak on upcoming legislative issues.  Duncanville H.S. Skills/USA Advisor Bart Burnett was presented the donated survey equipment, a collective effort from ARS Engineers, Midwest Surveyors, and Chapter 5.  Although Past President Robert Schneeberg was not able to attend, his Presidential Recognition Awards were presented to the many firms and individuals who helped make 2007-08 such a successful year.  Among the award recipients were Dallas Aerial Surveys, Precise Land Records, GeoShack, Western Data Systems, Geomatic Resources, Midwest Surveyors, Lone Star Record & Abstract, and Katie Goodwin.  Congrats to all, and thanks for your strong support!

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Lone Star Record & Abstract Services, Inc. would like to thank all our valued customers and friends for a wonderful 2008.  We look forward to working with you in 2009! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Certified Survey Technician exam prep classes continue…..

Beginning with the May monthly meeting, the Dallas Chapter began offering Certified Survey Technician Level I and Level II examination prep sessions prior to every monthly meeting.  John Pierce leads this effort, to be held prior to regular monthly Chapter meetings at the Cantina Laredo Restaurant (southeast corner of Inwood Road/Lover’s Lane, next to the Inwood Theater) from 5-6pm.  This is an excellent opportunity for both office and field staff to familiarize themselves and prepare for the various Certification exams.  There is no cost to attend, and all are welcome to attend and participate.  Next scheduled session will be before the January 13th Chapter meeting at Cantina Laredo Restaurant.  For questions/info, contact John Pierce at 214-532-1667.

CST Exam on December 13th at North Lake College

Spaces are still available for those interested in taking the Certified Survey Technician tests.  John Pierce will proctor exams at North Lake College.  Examinees can take it online, and receive instant exam results, or take a paper copy exam and wait a couple of months for results.  For details, contact John Pierce at 214-631-7888.

SIT & RPLS Exam Study Groups  

Since the recent licensing and certification examinations were just held in late October, the Study Groups will take a breather.  They will probably regroup after the New Year to begin preparation for the April exams.  In the meantime, candidates should organize their study materials and outline a study schedule.  Also, attending the Certified Survey Technician exam prep classes before the Chapter 5 monthly meetings is another good way to keep tuned in to subject matter.    



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Bulletin Board Odds ‘n Ends….


Membership renewal time is upon us!  Make sure you renew your TSPS membership for the upcoming year, it is easily accomplished on the state TSPS website.  A portion of those fees are returned to Chapter 5 to assist in funding our local activities.


Also, don’t forget to renew your personal professional license and your Firm’s certificate with the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying, which can be done on the TBPLS website.  Failure to do this before the New Year will cost you extra, besides invalidate any signed and sealed surveys performed while your license is expired.

Welcome New Members! 

Chapter 5 has 2 new members.  Please welcome Michael McClatchy, RPLS (Registered member) and John Pouncy (Student member).  Hope to see you at our January 13th meeting.

On the Horizon….

The next Chapter 5 meeting will be held Tuesday January 13th at the Cantina Laredo Restaurant on Lover’s Lane.  Guest Speakers will be TSPS President Michael Parker.  Also, TSPS Legislative Liason Pat Smith will be attending to update members on the upcoming legislative session, and the importance of TSPS being tuned into legislative issues and being a watchdog for those issues that may be beneficial or harmful to our profession. Come join us for good food and great camaraderie.

Opportunities for You….

Chapter Committees

With new Chapter leaders comes the need for continued participation by Chapter members.  The strength of any volunteer organization is only as strong as the participation of its members.  Committees are always in need of people to lead and contribute.  There are typically 5 standing committees: Membership, Program, Public Relations & Education, Nominating, and Audit.  In addition, the President can assign a Special Committee if so desired.  If you are interested in being part of the solution and helping our Chapter and profession move forward, please contact any of the Chapter officers.

Additional Donations

The recent donations of survey equipment to local high school survey programs at Duncanville ISD and Birdville ISD are great examples of a cooperative effort by individuals, firms, and Chapter 5 to sieze upon a great opportunity to have a positive influence in our local area.  Led by ARS Engineers and Midwest Surveyors, additional donations of equipment have been forthcoming from Halff Associates (magnetic locator) and Winkelmann & Associates (data collectors).  The items will be presented to Duncanville High School SkillsUSA Advisor Barton Burnett on December 12.  Click here to see the Construction Technology students at Birdville High School with their recently received Set 2 Total Station.

---next TBPLS Board Meeting to be held Friday December 12th in Austin.  The TBPLS awads 4 CEU’s to attendees.

---next TSPS Board Meeting to be held on February 7, 2009 at the Radisson Hotel in Austin.


Safety First…..Make it a Priority

Click here for links to various Safety websites that might be helpful to your firm and staff.







          December 2008--- No Meeting; Happy Holidays, See ya’ll in 2009

          January 13 --- TSPS President Michael Parker & TSPS Legislative Liason Pat Smith

          February 10 --- Barton Burnett, Duncanville High School Survey Program

          March 10 --- Nedra Foster, Chairperson of TBPLS

          April 14 --- Scott Stockburger: Surveying for Subsurface Utility Engineering

          May 12 --- Jack Avis: GIS as a Survey Tool

          Chapter Golf Tournament --- date to be determined

          June 9 --- Glenn Breysacher/Wayne Terry: Vacancy in Garland ?

          July 14 --- Rob Hathaway, Delorme GIS: Geocaching for fun

          August 11 --- Speaker/Program to be determined

          September ? --- Joint Meeting with Chapter 2

          October 22-24 --- TSPS Annual Convention in Austin

          November 10 --- Speaker/Program to be determined

---next TBPLS Board Meeting to be held Friday December 12th in Austin.  The TBPLS awads 4 CEU’s to attendees.

---next TSPS Board Meeting to be held on February 7, 2009 at the Radisson Hotel in Austin.

Chapter 5 Meetings are held at:
Cantina LAREDO Restaurant
165 Inwood Village, Dallas, TX 75209
(Southeast Corner of Inwood & Lover’s Lane, next to Inwood Theater)
Phone: 214/350-5227
Social/Dinner Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm (order from the menu)
Chapter Meeting: Business @ 7:00 pm, Program @ 7:30

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